Fixing Red Light Issues of my Tp-Link Extender

red light on Tplink extender Fixing Red Light Issues of my Tp-Link Extender

Getting red light on Tplink extender? Wondering about the red LED flashing on TP-Link Extender? Is Tp-Link Repeater blinking a red light continuously? Tp-Link extender shows a red light error. Facing tp-link repeater blinking red light while login via tp-link repeater? 

Red Light on Tplink extender- Quick Fix

This guide will help you to provide the complete information for resolving red light on Tplink extender error using admin panel settings:

LED lights on the Tp-Link Extenders show different working statuses. It is very crucial to have information about each and every scenario:

Tp-Link Repeater Blinking Red Light and other light indications

Step 1: The first LED icon turns ON when the device gets connected to any electrical source. If the power LED is flashing that indicates the router is in power-saving mode

Step 2: The second LED indicated the powerline connection. This LED is ON when there is a proper powerline connection established. In this case, if the data consumption is more than 80 Mbps, it will turn to Green, the LED will turn to Orange if data consumption is between 40-80 Mbps and if data consumption is less than 48 Mbps the LED will turn to RED.

Step 3: The last LED is for ethernet connection status. This light will turn ON when you connect your extender to the router with the ethernet cable.

Step 4: The Wi-Fi LED flashes when there is any WiFi connection established.

Flashing Red LED on Tp-Link Extender- Reasons

Here are some of the reasons for flashing red LED on the Tp-Link Extender

  • The extender is placed in a non-ventilated area
  • The Tp-Link Extender is troubled by any radio frequency by coming from devices
  • Sometimes due to so many devices connected to the router, the TP-link extender finds difficulty in connectivity. As a result, RED LED flashing on TP-Link Extender
  • Outdated firmware version of your extender can be another reason
  • Another reason can be some error during setup and firmware updated process
  • Internet Service providers can also result for TP-Link repeater blinking red light

Fix not working error

Tp-Link Extender Red Light Error Solution

Red Light on Tplink extender -Basic Troubleshooting Steps

  • Relocate your extender and router to a location free from radio waves interference and reflexive materials
  • Make sure that your devices are getting a proper and continuous power supply
  • Update your firmware on a regular basis

Tplink Repeater Flashing red LED- Advanced Troubleshooting Steps

If the above-mentioned steps fail to resolve your problem and you should move ahead with advanced troubleshooting steps:

  • Switch ON your PC and launch any browser
  • Open TP-Link extender website
  • Once you have login into the dashboard, navigate to the WiFi setting and make setting changes as per the requirement
  • Lastly, check the network name
  • If your configuration fails, try again to configure your devices

In this way, you can easily troubleshoot your TP-Link Extender red light error. If you are still facing any error contact our experts we will provide your best services for that.

Update Firmware Solution for Flashing Red LED on Tp-Link Extender Problem

In some cases, The TP-Link Extender Error comes due to using outdated firmware versions for the extender. One should update the extender with the latest version of the extender which is compatible with its hardware. Follow the set of steps to update the firmware version:

Solve Tplink extender Red Light Error- Initial Checkup 

Before proceeding with updated firmware for resolving flashing red LEDs on TP-Link Extender. One must check the following things:

  • Some models have multiple hardware versions one should make sure to verify that version is compatible with the new update
  • Never update the firmware with a wireless connection, unless the device only supports a wireless connection
  • Do not turn OFF the cable or remove the Ethernet cable from the socket during the entire procedure
  • One must take the Backup of the current setting of the router as sometimes update remove all the settings

Tplink Extender Red Light Error Fix By Updating Firmware 

Step 1: Download the latest version of the firmware version, and unzip the files from the folder using WinRAR or WinZIP software to your desired location.

Step 2: Login into TP-Link Extender dashboard in your browser with

Step 3: Navigate through System Tools > Firmware Upgrade, click the browse to select the upgrade file

Step 4: Click on the Upgrade button. Once the update process is completed, your extender will reboot itself

Step 5: Once your device reboots itself, check whether settings are the same or updated has removed all the settings

Step 6: If settings are removed then you upload the previous settings to the Tp-Link Extender

If in any case, you are unable to complete the process, get in touch with our experts. We will provide you with complete information about your problem.

Tp-Link Repeater Blinking Red Light Solve with Reset factory Setting

Method 1: Fix Solid Red LED on Tplink Repeater With Hard reset/By Pressing RESET Button

Step 1: Switch ON the power supply for the extender

Step 2: Press the RESET/WPS buttons for few seconds with some pointed object

Step 3: Release the button and wait, till the extender get into its default settings

Method 2: Fix Tplink extender red light By Web Interface

Step 1: Open any browser on your computer/laptop

Step 2: Enter default login web address in the browser

Step 3: Enter the username and password

Step 4: Follow the sequence Advanced > System Tools > Backup & Restore > Factory Defaults, then click on Factory Default.

Step 5: Wait for the extender to reboot to its factory default settings


A hard reset will restore your device to factory default settings. You need to reconfigure the devices from scratch.

Some devices have proper power supply and internet supply during the process. One must have proper and continuous power and internet connection.

Have you tried all the above-mentioned steps and still not been able to resolve the issue of the red light blinking on the Tp-Link extender. Get in touch with our experts that will provide your solution for your flashing red LED on the Tplink extender, Tplink extender red light error, and other related issues.

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