Cant Setup Tp-Link Extender RE650 – Troubleshoot

Cant Setup Tp-Link Extender RE650

Faced the problem of Tplink extender RE650 setup or can’t install Tplink repeater RE650 and configuration RE650 tplink WiFi booster goes wrong? Facing Tp-Link extender setup error while connecting to WiFi or Windows or Mac devices.  Unable to setup the tp-link RE650. Your range extender failed to set up in the proper manner for your Window or Mac device. 

This guide will solve the Tp-link Range extender RE650 setup, installation or configuration issue with ease.

How To Fix Tp-Link Extender RE650 Setup Error?

Tp-Link RE650 extender comes with various new features that make it capable of covering a large number of areas. With its dual-band and four-stream, users can experience fast and stable network services in all areas. 

With its unique feature of getting to know the correct placement of the extender one can easily be placed with the device for maximum result.

Solve Tplink Repeater Setup Issue with Initial Placement and Position

The user can easily setup the Tp-Link extender device manually and take easy steps. The setup process will take a couple of minutes to complete

Tp-Link Extender RE650 Setup- Manual Checkup

  • Connect your Tp-Link RE650 wifi range with a continuous power supply.
  • Connect your computer/laptop and extender with an ethernet cable.
  • Open a web browser on your device and type
  • Enter username and password. Here username and password if “admin”
  • Select the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network of your home router and enter its wireless password
  • Name your extended network and set a password for it.
  • Click on the SAVE button to finish the process.

WPS Method To Connect TP-Link Extender With Devices- Solved

One of the other ways for setting up a Tp-Link extender is using WPS (Wireless Protection Setup) procedure. 

Unable to Connect Tplink Repeater With Device Or WiFi? -Resolve With WPS 
To begin with this procedure you need to locate the WPS button of your extender device. 

After that, press the WPS button for a few seconds and the lights will start blinking. Once the light becomes stable, the connection is established perfectly. It will take some time to grab the settings of the router. Finally, you are connected to user interruption-free internet services.

Solve TP-Link RE650 Setup issue using Tether App

The third way to setup your TP-Link RE650 is using the Tether App. For this user needs to download the tether app from the play store of android phones and iPhones. Once you downloaded and installed the app, users need to enter the details of TP-Link RE650. 

This app will let you connect router SSIDs by asking for the password. The process of establishing the tp-link wifi range extender will take a few seconds for competition.

TP-Link Extender RE650 Failed To Configure- Troubleshooting Steps

Case I: Tplink Extender Lights Are OFF After The Configuration

  • Make sure that you have the correct password for the main router. You can also cross-check that by logging in to the management page of your router.
  • Place the Tp-Link Extender RE650 2-3 meters away from the router.
  • If the RED light is still OFF, turn off the range extender and wait for 2 minutes then check if the lights are ON.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the firmware.
  • Make sure that the router does not have any security settings enabled like MAC filtering or access control.

Case II: Tplink repeater LED light is ON, but end device not able to connect

Check the strength of the wireless signal of the end devices. If only one device is not able to connect the range extender wifi. Remove the profile of the wireless network and connect it again.

If multiple devices are not able to connect, talk to experts they will provide you with a complete solution.

Case III: LED is ON on Tp-link Extender, end device is connected but no network access

  • Never set the same SSID for the Tplink range extender and WiFi router.
  • Upgrade the range extender to the latest version of the firmware and configure the device.
  • Try with multiple end devices. If there is an issue with one device, make sure that it is obtaining an IP address automatically.
  • Make sure your main router is has not enabled any security settings
  • Login to the range extender by and check the IP address of the router’s interface.

If you are still facing error while trying the above steps which are mentioned, get in touch with experts for solving your troubleshooting issues for TP-Link Extender RE650.

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